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The airy, open front lounge has a small table at the front
are sleeping up the front and need the bathroom in the
with soft-close drawer storage and a slide-out extension.
night they won’t disturb you (and vice-versa) or if it’s just
The lounge quickly and easily converts to a double bed. The
you and your partner, if one of you want to retire earlier or
bed base slides out from the front cupboard unit and the
get up earlier, again you have more of a buffer between the
lounge backrest cushions serve as the centre bed base.
two areas to accommodate such needs.
Above the lounge are large storage lockers and mounted
below the lockers are multi-adjustable LED lights have
neat integral USB ports (and there’s no less than eight of
them!). The only negative with these is you need to store
your device in the lockers above; there is no shelf handy to
the charging ports.
Like most Bailey caravans, the dining table is not a
permanent fixture; in this case, it’s a folding table in a
matching laminate to the bench tops that lives under the
bed when not in use. Alternatively for your small snacks
the lounge area offers a pull out extension from the front
cabinet large enough for a plate and cup.
The bathroom itself is an ample size with the toilet and
sink on the offside and the large shower enclosure on
There’s storage space under the offside lounge seat (and
the nearside. The shower door is one of the neatest I’ve
also the nearside, but more easily accessed from the
seen: it has a bi-fold aluminium-frame and opaque acrylic
external hatch).
panels. Another clever touch is the linen basket, retained
The kitchen on the offside wall has a fold-up piece to
in a bottom-hinged cupboard while the pedestal ceramic
extend the bench and the result is a large food prep space
washbasin adds an elegant touch.
for a caravan — it’s almost 1.5 metres long when you close
The bedroom has large windows and a large ceiling hatch
both the glass stove top and its flush-mount bench top
affording the room with plenty of light and ventilation.
lid. There’s ample storage when you consider not only the
There’s also ample storage in the bedroom with hanging
cupboards above and below the kitchen bench but also on
wardrobe space on each side of the bed, two lockers above
the opposite wall surrounding the fridge.
it and lifting the bed on hydraulic struts reveals a large
The kitchen is well specified with a four- burner hob, a grill,
space for larger items.
over, 700watt microwave and 190-litre three-way fridge.
The Sphere 2.5kg top-loader washing machine is fitted
Central bathroom layouts can seem like too much of a
into a cupboard on the nearside of the bedroom. While the
compromise for some, but it makes sense on a couple of
levels. Firstly, the heavy plumbing and fixtures are towards
the centre of the van for better towing balance and secondly,
it provides a better buffer between the main sleeping
quarters and (depending on how it is used) the secondary
sleeping quarters or living area. So if your children or friends
bedroom might seem an odd place for a washing machine
it actually makes sense. Its proximity to the centre of the
caravan is good for weight balance and the bathroom
would have been too compromised for space if it was fitted
there. In contrast, there’s plenty of space in the bedroom.
The 12v electrical system is supported by a 100A/h AGM


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