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Go Long
Long Plain is smack bang in the middle of what we
reckon is one of the best outdoor playgrounds in the
country. From Kosciuszko to Tumut and surrounds
there’s a heap of exploring to be done.
Check out
to get your adventure on.
The Coolemine Homestead precinct is a great place
to get out and explore, the old buildings certainly
have a story to tell. The cheese hut was first
erected in 1889 before being refurbished in 1987.
most poorly looking horses I have ever seen, the poor thing
was mangy and losing hair and I felt very sorry for it.
There are a couple of campgrounds at this end with drop
toilets and tables. Shade was at a minimum, so I was glad
The Campbell House was thought to have
I was camping back at Long Plain Hut. The return drive
been erected in 1892 as a five-room house.
was relieving, with the air-conditioner pumping the cold air
Newspapers were used to line the internal
out. A total fire ban meant campfires were out, so dinner
walls and horse hair was used as insulation to
was cooked on the gas stove and enjoyed under the shade
line the roof. Portions of this can still be seen
of my awning. The march flies were friendly, it appears
today and some of the newspaper articles offer
they like the colour blue? I didn’t let them worry me too
interesting reading.
Southwell house was originally constructed as a two-room
slab hut around 1885 and used as a residence for outstation
managers before being extended between 1891 and 1908.
much though as a small herd of brumbies appeared that
included a couple of foals. For wild things they are used to
humans being around, so weren’t bothered as I shot them
with my camera.
There are other outhouses and the old yards are still evident,
Next morning, I packed up in the cool mountain air, my
allow enough time to really enjoy this historical setting.
awning and swag covered in a light dew as the temperature
The trail concludes at the Blue Waterholes campground
where an information board explains the walks you can do.
As the weather was excessively hot, I chose to wander down
to Cave Creek and check out the colour of the waterhole
before following the trail along the creek to enjoy some
cold water splashed over my head. There were a few wild
hovered around 10 degrees; a massive change from the
high 40s I had been experiencing. I captured some more
shots of the brumbies as I departed the campground,
ready for a new adventure. I will be back, I really do love this
spectacular expanse that is the Long Plain.
brumbies feeding in the shade, but one was one of the


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