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Tell us about your big trip
“It started off as a little seed a year ago and has grown
from there. Over the years I’ve made many friends across
the country and, chatting to them, the invitations started
and put it into storage, say bye to family and friends, hook
up the van and turn left at the roundabout – or was that
right at the roundabout?!”
to roll in to visit, go fishing or to go off road with them. We
want to explore everywhere we can before it’s too late (you
know - that old age thing and wheelchairs!) so we set a
date and it has come around bloody fast.
To keep up with Kev’s adventures, follow him on
Facebook @Woopioffroad
“I have been lucky enough to have worked within the 4wd
and camping industry for a long time so with a few deals
here and there we are going to have a ball. We have some
plans in place about where we want to go for events and
exploring, but basically it’s all about getting out there. Our
families live on the Coffs Coast so we will be doing clover
leaf loops back to see them several times a year.
“We are setup for remote camping so will explore those
options too in the desert regions and the Kimberleys. A big
factor will be watching the weather too – watching for any
flooding rains making their way inland down through the
channel country to inland Australia, filling up lakes and
giving life to the country – following the seasons.
“So that’s about it – give notice at work, pack the house up


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